A few days ago, Tyga announced that he would be returning with a brand new album called Legendary. After successfully making it back into our good graces with an impressive comeback, T-Raw is riding with a lot of momentum. So far, we’ve heard a couple of songs that are expected to make it onto Legendary, including “Taste” with Offset, and a new single has just arrived with a fresh video and two noteworthy collaborations.

Tyga’s new song “Haute” has officially arrived with features from J Balvin and his frequent collaborator Chris Brown. This cut is much like the previous singles we’ve heard from the California-based rapper. “Haute” is another strip club banger and it’s sure to go off in the summer. Imagine listening to this with the windows down on a sunny evening. It sets itself with a strong West Coast beat and enough to keep us interested throughout. As you would likely expect in the video, there’s a lot of partying and ample amounts of booty.

Let us know what you think of “Haute.” Does it live up to the expectation and are you excited for Legendary to drop? Expect another collab between Chris Brown and Tyga on Indigo at the end of the month.


Quotable Lyrics:

I’ve been up for days havin’ three ways
Like my bitches in twos, I’m the one, man
Tryna jump in my lane, I’m in the air, man
Make her fall in love, she gon’ want the last name