In February, the anticipated follow-up to Coming to America was given the green light for a 2020 release, paving the way for production talks to commence. Akon has been particularly vocal about his wishes for the project, even though he isn’t directly involved in the project. Nevertheless, the Senegalese dual-citizen feels it’s his obligation to steer Murphy in the direction, in avoiding the mistakes made by other filmmakers covering the African diaspora and comedy writing.

Eddie Murphy Open To Casting Michael Blackson In "Coming To America 2"
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

That’s why the 46-year old singer has taken to the press for the second time in under a month, by ceding caution to Eddie Murphy ahead of sequel’s casting call. Akon offered up Ghanian-born funnyman Michael Blackson as someone he’d consider for a lead role if he were in Murphy’s shoes. As it turns out, Eddie Murphy is seemingly open to the idea of casting Blackson.

Murphy was apprehended by a TMZ reporter the other day. For some odd reason, Eddie could sense the “Michael Blackson” question was lingering on the tip of reporter’s tongue, so he struck first blood, declaring Blackson, “one funny African.”

Once their brief exchanged was adjourned, the media person reported back to basecamp ready to dial up Michael Blackson for his thoughts on the matter. “That would be life changing!” Blackson responded to TMZ, on the subject of being offered a role in Coming to America 2. “Everyone in the world is gonna watch that movie.” Blackson first expressed his interest in taking part in the project, when the sequel was announced in February. On paper, Blackson’s casting makes TOO much sense. Git ‘er done Eddie!