Kevin Hart has announced yet another project and this time he’s teaming with streaming giant Netflix for a series on something very important: Black history. In the official trailer, we see that the actor is using his comedic skills to relay significant moments in history made by Black individuals and how those moments have impacted society today. 

The show is set up as a storybook narration where Kevin is telling the information to his daughter, who at one point asks Kevin to talk about Beyonce. “There might not be a Beyonce if it wasn’t for Josephine Baker,” he replied. “She was the OG Beyonce, but her fans didn’t know that she was also a spy in world war two.”

He added in the trailer: “Black History is more than slavery. The innovation, the brilliance, the creativity – these are things we use to challenge the oppression.”

The show will feature cameos by Tiffany Haddish, Lil Rel Howery, Weird Al Yankovic, Steve Agee and more. Check out the official trailer below and stream it on Netflix now!