Lupe Fiasco updated a thread he started on Reddit a few months explaining a few of the caveats concerning his Friday release DROGAS WAVE. Lupe has since updated the title of the thread to reflect the direction he is taking the conversation. The Reddit thread is now appropriately titled “Wave Easter Eggs,” to reflect the little-known secrets governing its creation.

Among the revelations, he mentioned that the album was created on a “razor-thin budget” due to sample clearance issues. He did most of the work from home, not a flashy studio like you’d expect from an album of this polish.

“Some of the terms that people want to clear their samples can be a little too overboard,” he said. “Got word back today about a few samples and we made the decision to pull the samples out and begin reworking the records cuz the upfront costs plus the rights they want on the back end are just unacceptable.”

Interestingly, core fans (Redditors) were the first to find out any new developments regarding the album, and to their credit, they keep it to themselves for the most part. Lupe, who had been updating the thread periodically, stopped doing so as soon as it leaked, only to reappear about a week later after quite the warm reception for his album. 

The thread will likely be updated incrementally, so feel free to make it a staple in your browser’s bookmark folder.