If you found yourself being name dropped in Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreams,” would you be offended or honored? Perhaps a little bit of both, depending on the severity of her blow. Of course, if you’re Desiigner or DJ Khaled, you may very well find yourself chuckling while restrained annoyance bubbles beneath the surface. Either way, the song certainly set the scene ablaze, leaving man fans dubbing the modern-day “How To Rob” an album highlight. In fact, with such hilarious and seemingly limitless content, the potential for remixes is undeniable.

And while Nicki has since admitted the original version would have been “too long,” she has since opened the door for a continuation. Taking to the gram, Nicki hit em with the classic “hair-touch-doe-eye” look, while bumping the song in question for good measure. Yet it’s the caption that really merits attention. “#BarbieDreams there are lines I removed from this song so that it wouldn’t be too long,” writes Nicki, pausing for good measure. “Chief Keef was one of them. Who else should I have said on this record?”

Many took to her comment section suggesting an extended version, and while the theme may run the risk of wearing out its welcome, it might be fun to hear an added batch of victims. Who you think Nicki should mention, should an alternate take come to pass?