It’s safe to say that Astroworld is just a damn good album. It took a minute to finally get our hands on it, but once we did, Travis Scott’s work was appreciated and the supporting features really brought the whole tape together. 

Astroworld’s been set in stone since Rodeo,” Travis said of his new album. “My whole idea was if you locked into Rodeo, you definitely locked into Astroworld. I’m just finishing the saga I started on my first album. This is supposed to be my second album. I had to go quick, because like I said, I had all these ideas, I just had to get off real quick, but now I’m finally back home with Astroworld.”

Even other big names in the industry are down with the album and think Travis deserves some major recognition. Ty Dolla $ign hopped on Twitter to shout out his homie tweeting: “Travis better get a grAmmy nod for this album.”

A lot of responses to the tweet sees some users arguing that Travis’ past tapes deserved a Grammy, detailing how this one doesn’t hold up. Others even suggested that Mac Miller deserves the nod. Let us know if you agree with Ty Dolla $ign in the comments.