There’s probably a fair share of people who became acquainted with Cardi B through The Shade Room. Way back when Cardi was just Instagram famous, posting all kinds of funny and relatable videos, TSR re-posted them on their page and just like that Cardi got even more love. Now that she’s blown up into this millionaire rapper with a great relationship with the Billboard charts, she’s tired of TSR’s re-posts surrounding her and her sister, Hennessy Carolina.

It seems as though Cardi has been checking out the comment section not just on her shares to Instagram, but also on all the photos TSR re-posts and needless to say, she’s pissed. “People on those comments are disgusting and toxic .We don’t need that energy in our life .The people that like to see us comes to OUR PAGE to see us,” she captioned her message on Instagram. “We don’t need to be posted on blogs with people that just got negative shit to say just so you could hate your life ,your looks or your day cause their not happy with them self thank you !”

Check out the since-deleted post below – what do you guys think? Can she really control this?

Cardi B Politely Tells The Shade Room To Stop Posting About Her