He may not know how to do simple addition or mathematical equations but Lil Pump is upping his knowledge game one step at a time as he learns how to read. The 17-year-old is a little behind when it comes to what you learn in school but, to his credit, he hasn’t seen the inside of a classroom for at least the last year. Raking in a few M’s based on the success of “Gucci Gang” alone, Lil Pump spoke honestly about his troubles at school during his interview with J. Cole but we never thought it would be this bad.

Pump is most likely joking in the video as he has shown to be a masterful troll but the leader of the “Fuck Russ” fan club revealed to his Instagram followers today that he is learning to read so he can review his OG, Gucci Mane’s life story. That’s right, Lil Pump has a hardcover copy of a book, ladies and gentlemen. The rapper spoke directly to the camera, disclosing, “Guys, I ain’t never read a book in my life. I don’t know how to read.” Jetski then showed off his copy of The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, which he said he is not starting today but that he will get to eventually. Catching up on the crucial life skills he’s missed out on, Pump is making his best effort not to turn out like R. Kelly, who allegedly revealed to Wendy Williams that he cannot read or write.

While the autobiography cannot be the toughest read in the world, it may be smarter for Pump to start with something simple. Maybe Cat in the Hat?