After the two got to know each other a little better during their joint interview last month, Lil Pump is on good terms with J. Cole. Once joining his fans in chanting "Fuck J. Cole," Pump needed a new target for his seemingly endless negative energy. Without his braces, it looks like Pump's bite is just as sharp as before because he's already taking shots at a new name. Ever the jokester, the 17-year-old rapper found his new rival after careful consideration and he took to his Twitter account to let his fans know who they should bash next.

He could have gone after Logic or G-Eazy next if he were targeting a group of rappers that have been labeled as "corny" but, instead, he chose another artist that has felt the wrath of the internet: Russ. The "Losin Control" rapper caught some backlash after wearing an anti-drug shirt last year and the criticism has not died down as the trolls make their voices heard with every one of his releases. Choosing Russ to be his next enemy, Lil Pump tweeted, "ME & J COLE COOL NOW SO NOW ITS FUCK RUSS." While some of his fans have argued that it's been "Fuck Russ" for a minute, Jetski is embracing this as his next battle.

With his Harvard Dropout mixtape completed, Pump's supporters eagerly await any news about the arrival of the project. Who's side are you on here? Russ or Lil Pump?