Lil Pump

Real Name
Gazzy Garcia
Alias Name
Lil Pump Jetski, Wavey Hefner
Date of Birth
Aug. 17, 2000 - Age 23
Miami, Florida

Artist Bio

If you needed to know who Lil Pump is, some of his most devoted fans will tell you that he dropped out the prestigious Harvard University in order to save the rap game.

While we may never know if he did actually attend classes at Harvard, the latter part still appears to be true. Arguably the biggest success to emerge thus far from Florida’s “Soundcloud Rap” underground scene, Lil Pump has proven that you can still go mainstream while also releasing tracks under two and a half minutes long.

With songs such as “Flex Like Ouu”, “D Rose”, and “Gucci Gang”, the hit single off his self-titled debut album, Lil Pump is proving that his success is by no means an accident. Pump is still only a teenager, and if he keeps this up, we’ll be hearing from him long after he’s old enough to buy a beer himself.

Photo Credit: Jared Siskin/Getty Images