Eminem's cypher at the BET Awards had people buggin'. A lot of hip hop's biggest acts showed their support to the rapper and praised him for being the true artist he his. But since Eminem's performance, YG has something else to say.

In a since-deleted tweet, YG asked his followers, "So we don't get no credit for dissing TRUMP a year ago? Mann, FUCK TRUMP 4reals tho. Fuck this internet shit. It's really fuck em."

YG is referencing the track he and Nipsey Hussle collaborated on titled "Fuck Donald Trump" that lead the two on a tour to promote the song. The song came out over a year ago and was the first public hate track directed right at Donald to come from the hip-hop community. 

YG continued his Twitter rant by tweeting at Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, calling him a slave master because Jerry recently told his players that they will be fired if they kneeled during the national anthem, something that the President would agree with doing. YG has since deleted the tweet and followed it up saying:


YG may still be in a legal battle with fellow rapper Ty Dolla $ign after a young man sued the two claiming he got brutally beat up in the wake of their presence at a club. The incident allegedly took place in 2015 when Nelly Yoa was in a VIP section and the rappers and their crew rolled up. They tried to kick everyone out and Nelly was refusing where he claims he was kicked and punched, resulting in serious injuries that impacted his soccer career.