If you never "shoot your shot," you may miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Although the phrase is used in most circles as a way to describe someone flirting with the object of their affection, to "shoot your shot" plainly means to take a chance. Some people have benefited greatly from their "carpe diem" moments, so a woman on Twitter thought it couldn't hurt to reach out on social media for some help at paying off her college loans.

The woman shared a screenshot that showed she has an outstanding balance of $42,956.19. The last time she made a payment was at the end of May, so she may be struggling to keep up with the installments. "I wonder if @MaybachMusic can help pay off my student loans 😭 @RickRoss @MeekMill @Wale I have a degree in PR So I’ll come work too #DeferrmentDiva."


Someone told her to hit up Akon so she said she would do that, as well. She also said that her outstanding balance was once more than what's listed because she graduated from college two years ago. Some celebrities have responded to requests such as these, including Nicki Minaj who told her fans to send her information about their college debts and Lil Uzi Vert who just recently promised to pay off a young man's tuition.

However, Maybach Music Group didn't seem as receptive, but they did offer her up a bit of encouragement. "YOU can do anything YOU put ya mind to," they wrote.