Back in 2017, Nicki Minaj announced an initiative to award ambitious young students full bursaries towards their college tuition. The project named "Student Of The Game" promised to pay up to $18,000 to the deserving winners she'd select herself. Nicki followed suit, and the first year of balloting proved advantageous for a select number of undergraduates.

With the 2018 registration for the contest has been closed for some time, Nicki finally announced her intentions to go live with her definite plans for the project on June 11. Incidentally, those details were pushed back until Friday when Nicki Minaj came forward with her list of 37 winners.

Nicki Minaj shared her picks like a theatre director briefing her pupils first thing in the morning, in this instance the bulletin board was her website MyPinkFriday. All winners will be personally messaged and given details with which to follow. In most cases, tuition will be handled internally, with a payment sent directly to the institution. All requested figures are subject to a screening process, and Nicki or her handlers will verify that all winner are first time applicants, or vice versa.

Anybody chosen for "Student Of The Game" is thereby ineligible for her other giveaway, an invitation to her in-studio listening party for Queen.