Google's Arts and Culture app is currently making waves on the internet and trending heavily in the app store-- yesterday claiming the #1 spot in the App Store for the United States. No, it's not just that everybody and their mama has a sudden interest in art history and where to find the best museum in their city; it's because of a new update to the app that allows users (aka millenials, because who else) to upload a photo of themselves, which the app will then match to a painting, in search of the user's painting look-alike.

The feature came with the latest update on both iOs and Android and has users swarming to find out if they resemble more closely a Van Gogh painting or an obscure Rembrandt, and not only that, it'll tell you where your doppleganger painting is located, should you wish to visit your #twin it IRL. The feature is currently not available in all countries.

Well, we decided that we'd use to find out which paintings your favorite hip-hop artists resemble most. Eminem = Vincent van Gogh, duh, while Post Malone resembles a little boy, as painted by Auguste Renoir (also somehow this is not very surprising right?), meanwhile Lil Uzi Vert finds his closest resemblance in the detail of a Paul Rubens painting, and DJ Khaled may have Korean ancestry somewhere deep in his past, considering the uncanny resemblance to a self-portrait of Yun Du-seo.

Take a look below, let us know which one of these are the most accurate. Or better yet, most hilarious.


Lil Uzi Vert


Rick Ross

Cardi B 


Kendrick Lamar

21 Savage

Post Malone


Wiz Khalifa

Kodak Black

Nicki Minaj

2 Chainz

DJ Khaled

Chance The Rapper