Tekashi 6ix9ine's creativity when it comes to his trolling methods is unmatched. Despite how you feel about him, he is one of the people that just always manages to creep under your skin. Whether that should be celebrated is beyond me, but there are definitely millions of people who look forward to watching and reading about his antics on social media.

This week, after incessant threats from Chicago's rap scene, Tekashi 6ix9ine took a trip to Chi-City, where he is arguably the most hated. After pouring out an abundance of liquor on the pavement in an act of disrespect, the shots started flying.

Lil Reese and Lil Durk have had the loudest voices so far. As far as Reese is concerned, he sent warning shots at the rapper, which prompted 69 to hit back by sharing a video of the rapper getting jumped, allegedly soiling himself. That wasn't enough though. After that went up, the colorful artist upped the ante and planned out his latest troll video, re-creating the clip of Reese allegedly shitting his pants.

"Chicago n***as really think they the shit," wrote 6ix9ine on Instagram, taunting Lil Reese and others.

Hopefully, his album promotion doesn't end up biting him in the ass in an irreversible fashion. 

6ix9ine announced this week that he will be releasing his new album TattleTales on September 4. Will you be checking it out?