After learning that Tekashi 6ix9ine may be released from jail in the next six months, his rivals are awake and back to trashing his name. In his short musical career, the rainbow-tressed vocalist had violent histories with YG, Chief Keef, The Game, and a number of other prolific rappers. Part of 69's claim to fame came through his ridiculous troll videos, modelling his personality after that of 50 Cent when he was in his prime. This week, people like Smokepurpp and Slim 400 have started talking trash about the Brooklyn-based artist, reminding the world that he's a snitch and shouldn't be allowed back into the community with open arms. Purpp even resorted to shooting his shot with the rapper's baby mama Sara Molina, but he quickly changed his tune last night.

Recording a new video of himself for social media, Smokepurpp turned on himself after flirting with Molina during a live-stream. Instead of wanting to get with her, now he wants to stay as far away from the woman as possible because, according to him, she looks like she belongs on a ranch. "Hey, 6ix9ine's baby mama, bitch you crazy," said Purpp. "You thought I really wanted you!? The fuck? Bitch your ass looks like a horse, you need a tooth reduction."

Going after the girl's looks is low. He should probably just learn to accept rejection in a mild manner. After all, since Purpp has been so adamant about respecting women, why wouldn't he try to prove it here?