Say what you will about the young man, but Smokepurpp has lived up to that old hip-hop adage of "keep that same energy." Not long ago, the rapper found himself shooting his shot at Sara Molina, ex-girlfriend and baby mama to the incarcerated rainbow wonder Tekashi 6ix9ine. Now, the situation gets kind of messy, as Purpp found himself inviting Molina to join his harem of three, in which she would be the fifth total member in his bawdy designs. It didn't take long for someone to flood his IG with "Free 6ix9ine," prompting Purpp to lash out in response. "Yo keep 6ix9ine in jail, fuck that rat," he declares, before making further advances on Molina. 

Bob Levey/Getty Images

As 6ix9ine isn't exactly around to defend himself, some felt that Smokepurpp was pulling a cowardly move. Purpp took to Instagram to double down in response, vowing to keep the same energy upon Tekashi's eventual release. "He's a fucking rat, stupid!" says Purpp, on IG. "Fuck 6ix9ine. He's a rat. And 6ix9ine's baby moms, I'm still looking for you baby."

Though it's unclear where this animosity spread, perhaps there's an inciting incident after all. You may recall when Russ and his goon squad administered the hands to Smokepurpp, a beef he since reignited during an appearance on Joe Budden's Pull UpCuriously enough, the Smokepurpp beatdown found Russ being offered an honorary position on Treyway, back when 6ix9ine still cried it with a Pokémon's frequency. Perhaps Purpp took 6ix9ine's trolling to heart, and nursed a grudge ever since. 

Now, 6ix9ine's girlfriend has previously indicated that Tekashi will be home within six months, which gives plenty of time for Smokepurpp to mobilize accordingly. Was 6ix9ine ever about to get off easy? Just when he got out, they pulled him back in.