Of Eminem's children, Hailie Jade Mathers is the most comfortable being in the public eye. With over two million followers on Instagram, Hailie has adopted an influencer role of sorts, sharing beauty tips and tricks every once in a while on her page. While she doesn't often share tidbits of her personal life, she posts new photos and videos on the regular and in her latest upload to TikTok and Instagram, many of her fans are pointing out that she looks just like her father, Eminem.

Listening to Baby Keem's new song "vent" and showing off her makeup-up free look before getting fully glammed-out, Hailie Jade clearly looked like her father, because hundreds of commenters keep on pointing out the similarities in their faces.


"Mini Em, it’s so crazy," said one of the top comments on her Instagram page. "All I see is em with makeup. Unfortunately I can’t unsee it," joked another. 

On TikTok, the comments were more of the same, only in lower numbers since she doesn't have nearly as large of a following there.

Hailie hasn't said anything about the comparisons as of yet.

This comes just months after Hailie stepped out with her boyfriend for one of the first times on social media, showing him off to the world.


Last month, Eminem's child Stevie announced that they were non-binary and changed their name, which was formerly Whitney. Read more about that here.

Do you think Em and Hailie look alike?