#Diddy50 may have been the biggest event of the year. Aside from the endless list of celebrity guests, it's being hailed as the party that brought Jay-Z and Kanye West back together and may have even fostered an unlikely bromance between Quavo and Joe Budden. While Jay and Ye may have been cool behind the scenes for some time, Diddy's birthday extravaganza confirmed to the public that these two men could be in the same room - even the same photo - and remain amicable after the public feuding. The only person Hov showed any hostility towards at the party was the dude who tried to record Beyonce dancing and paid the price of getting his phone snatched. Another story to come out of Diddy's Holmby Hills mansion on Saturday night was the possible reunion of Big Sean and Jhene Aiko, as they appeared side-by-side in all their photos from the party. 

All the subsequent gossip aside, the party overall just seemed like a really good (not that we'd expect anything less from Diddy). While photos from the affair have been flooding everyone's social media feeds since, Puff shared another batch of celebrity-filled shots on Instagram. Offset is seen grinding up on Cardi B, Kobe Bryant enthusiastically greets 2 Chainz and some Kardashians stand like mannequins. Snoop Dogg, Post Malone and Tyga can also be spotted in the slideshow if you look closely.