Are Big Sean and Jhené Aiko trying to make it work again? It would appear so! Among the star-studded guest list at Diddy's fiftieth birthday party this weekend were the two recording artists and people were surprised to see that they showed up together. Much of the fanfare surrounding the event revolved around the reunion between Kanye West and Jay-Z, who have been at odds for years. Another storyline though involved Sean and Jhené with fans assuming that they're back on after appearing together for photos at the exclusive shindig.

Rumors are currently running the social media circuit surrounding the former couple with some people assuming that they're back on because of the pics. While neither side has confirmed that they're a couple again, their new song "None Of Your Concern" contains lyrics about their relationship, including one where Sean details how many times he's made Jhené climax in one night. Clearly, these two have chemistry. It's just not for sure that they're banking on their love again.

At this point, Big Sean just needs to put a ring on Jhené's finger. They've been on-again-off-again for so long and they should both know whether they are truly meant for each other. Either move on or make it happen.