Bow Wow's latest insult against his good friend Soulja Boy  stings more than it would have a few weeks ago. Following the 76ers' loss to the Atlanta Hawks last night, Bow Wow has fired back against his Verzuz rival Soulja Boy by saying the rapper is the equivalent to Ben Simmons in the rap game-- and he didn't mean it as a compliment.

After Soulja Boy jogged everyone's memory by sharing a photo of the infamous "Bow Wow Challenge" on Monday morning. Sharing the meme on his social media pages, Bow Wow fired back against his opponent with a couple of heated tweets, waking up and choosing violence.

"Soulja just stop," started Bow. "Like literally stop.... The diff w/ me and you is.. YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT MUSIC. I don’t. Ill be in the box office this weekend while you sit at home in your living room yelling on live at no one."

He continued, "Soulja i know how much you getting paid on the millennium tour... you’ll make more being my assistant. Play fair. See you saturday lil brother. #headliners vs #openingacts [peace emoji]. Soulja is the ben simmons of the rap game. Go rehearse and get off the internet. See you Saturday cap gun."

The "She Make It Clap" rapper fought back with his own ammunition, saying, "Bow wow fell off. Bow wow ain’t had a hit since Marco Polo and I gave him that song. Bow wow couldn’t make a hit in 2021 if his life depended on it. Bow wow could never make a song like she make it clap and get played on the radio in 2021. I haven’t heard a bow wow song on the radio since I was still living in the hood without a record deal. I’m done playing I’m bringing Romeo out. Bow wow new name is Lil Pee Wee make it trend. Crank that Better than any song bow wow made his entire career. Bow wow never produced for Nicki Minaj or made a song wit her or drake or Gucci mane. lil dude can’t fuk wit me. Bow wow never put nobody on. I put whole new rap game on. Gave all the new artist a chance. Bow wow never shot nobody. I let the Draco go off. Bow wow never did no time I came home from jail the man."

After his initial slander, Big Draco proceeded to respond to Bow Wow's tweets, saying, "Bro you not starring In that movie you an EXTRA, Cardi b got a bigger part than u shad."

Bow Wow responded by calling out Soula, saying, "Dont forget you sold crack too. Just didnt want to blemish your street cred. Soulja you got my stomach hurting im laughing too hard! Can i enjoy my breakfast?"

What do you think about this play feud? Are you excited for them to face off on Verzuz later this week?