Basketball and Hip Hop serve as a likely duo and Damian Lillard isn’t the only basketball player trying to share some bars. 

HNHH previously reported that the 19-year-old Los Angeles Lakers player, Lonzo Ball, was ready to take his empire to new heights by incorporating some singles as he expands on a rap career. He recently dropped his track “Melo Ball 1” that raps about him “winning it all and never loosing” as his brother LaMelo fronts the tracks cover art. 

Just when you think being a ball player, starring on your own reality show, having Big Baller sneakers endorsed by the likes of Jay-Z and The Game is enough, Lonzo now has big-hit producer DJ Mustard thinking about a collaboration as long as the money follows.

TMZ recently caught up with DJ Mustard, who has worked with Tinashe, YG and Tyga to name a few, and asked if he would work with Lonzo where he said, “shit, for some of that Baller Brand money, hell yeah!” Mustard clarifies he would take the collaboration because he supports “black-owned businesses” adding “we can do whatever we want, as people, as a culture. He can do whatever he wants to do.”

This isn’t the first time Lonzo has been in the same lane in terms of combining Hip Hop and being a ball player. The point-guard recently came under fire for sharing his opinion on real Hip Hop, claiming “nobody listens to Nas anymore” and that real Hip Hop is Migos and Future. His list of top five rappers of all time fronted names such as DMX, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Tupac. 

When followed up on his remarks that seemingly shook the Hip Hop community, Lonzo wasn’t shying away from his perspective as he told ESPNLA that “obviously [Nas] is real Hip-Hop,” but him and his homie’s don’t bump him anymore. “Everybody went crazy with it, but that’s my side right there,” he finished. 

“Ball in the Family” is a show that chronicles the life of the Ball family starring business mogul LaVar Ball and his superstar, ball playing sons Lonzo and LaMelo.

DJ Mustard

DJ Mustard Will Work With Lonzo Ball For "Baller Brand Money"