In the summer, Lonzo Ball no doubt made Big Baller patriarch LaVar proud when he was selected second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers. However, anybody who knows anything about LaVar can see that the man is in the empire business, and like Heisenberg before him, he continues to expand his territory. With Big Baller sneakers landing a few high profile endorsements from Jay-Z and The Game, the brand continued to grow with a Facebook exclusive reality show called “Ball In The Family.” Not only that, but Lonzo Ball has shown an interest in pursuing a rap career. The Laker has already dropped a few songs, but it would appear that he intends to take his pursuits to the next level.

With his recent single “Melo Ball 1” already on available on Itunes, Lonzo Ball kicked it with XXL for an interview about his latest creative endeavors, primarily his upcoming hip-hop project. Lonzo explained that his favorite rappers growing up with 50 Cent and DMX, but that his ultimately favorite would always be Lil Wayne. While Lonzo has clearly been familiar with the genre since childhood, but it was actually LaVar who put him on. “I remember going to pre-school, you know, rolling out in the Suburban and my dad bumping all types of rap,” says Lonzo. “My dad listens to a lot of 2Pac, Ice Cube and WC. That’s what he was listening to a lot when we were growing up. He’s always been a fan of hip-hop.”

He also teases an upcoming project on the newly formed Big Baller Brand record label, which will be handled by one of LaVar’s trusted people. While Lonzo claims he can’t reveal much, he does allude to some “stuff coming in the future.” 

When asked about his previous top five of Wayne, Future, DMX, 2Pac and 50, Lonzo affirms that his list still holds up. Another noteworthy moment is when he calls Damian Lillard the best athlete slash rapper, calling him “the most fluent on the mic.” 

Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball Talks Upcoming Hip-Hop Record, LaVar's Favorite Rappers & More