There’s really nothing Lavar Ball and his family members can do anymore that comes much of a shock to us. From the countless ridiculous statements that they’ve all said to their new reality show on Facebook, the Ball family have marketed themselves in every way possible and quickly climbed near the top of basketball royalty over the past year whether you like it or not. But now it looks like they’re trying to make an impact in the music world as well, no bullshit.

On Thursday, eldest brother and LA Lakers guard Lonzo Ball announced on twitter that he had new single on the way called “Melo Ball 1” featuring Kenneth Paige, and now hours later here it is.

Serving as ode to his little brother's new signature sneaker, “Melo Ball 1” finds big bro representing the Big Baller brand to the fullest and dropping mad basketball references over the EBE-produced beat in the process. Self-proclaiming himself the King to Melo’s Prince, Lonzo shows off a rather impressive delivery & tone on the mic, calling out the haters who’ll eventually be “banging this.

"Born to ball thats just what it is / Im a King lil bro a Prince/ Throwing racks and you throwing fits/ How you hatin’ and then you banging this” Lonzo spits.

It’s unclear at the moment as for why the song was record or where it’ll end up, but who knows maybe it’ll make into an upcoming Big Baller Brand commercial or their Facebook reality show?

This isn’t the first time we've heard Lonzo on the mic however. Back in May, he was heard rapping over Drake’s “Free Smoke,” but that was eventually removed from Soundcloud.

Available on iTunes at midnight, take a listen to the new single form Zo and share your thoughts on it in the comments (below).

In other related news, Lonzo made headlines last week for calling Nas “not real hip-hop,” and saying Future and Migos were. “Don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore […] Real hip-hop is Migos, Future,” he said. In case you missed it, check out that ridiculous statement here.