James Harden Goes Viral With Hilarious Reaction To His Girlfriend Paije Speights Catching Bouquet At Wedding

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Harden gets meme-ified by social media once again.

Thanks to his response when his girlfriend Paije Speights accidentally caught the bouquet at retired NBA player Rajon Rondo's wedding this past weekend, James Harden is once again headed for legendary meme status. The film of the humorous reception scene, in which Speights caught the bouquet of white flowers that almost fell at her feet, started making the rounds on the internet amid the happy news that Rondo had married his longtime partner Latoia Fitzgerald. The Clippers guard looked at her as if she had seen a ghost, and her man gave her a dumbfounded look.

Since collecting the bouquet is thought to indicate you'll be the next to get married, fans couldn't help but express their reactions to Harden seemingly seeing his life flash before his eyes. But as soon as Paije gave him an embrace, Harden's eyes widened, and he became still. There's a new meme circulating on social media that features Harden receiving a forehead kiss while staring emotionless. On Sunday, Paije shared her thoughts about the popular video on her Instagram Story.

James Harden's Girlfriend Paije Speights Catches Responds To Catching Bouquet At Wedding

As previously mentioned, Paije commented on the viral video on Sunday on her Instagram Story. “I wasn’t even participating, lol. I’m standing outside the circle in the back. The bouquet landed right at my feet. Hey, a win is a win,” she wrote. “I do this sh*t with no effort,” she added hilariously. Following their September 2022 engagement, Rondo and designer Latoia Fitzgerald tied the knot on Friday, June 7, on Lake Como in Italy. A star-studded guest list and family bopped along to Future's "March Madness" as the pair entered their opulent location, reveling in their love. The two also swayed to the soothing sounds of smooth jazz after dancing to Usher's "Superstar."

It appears like James Harden and Paije are a real couple. In addition to forging her own path in fashion, Paije is a Detroit-born vocalist. In contrast to Harden, who is childless, Paije is the mother of Prynce, a four-year-old son from a previous committed relationship. Overall, James Harden has once again provided the internet with another classic reaction meme.


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