Best Rap Albums & Songs Of May 2024

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There was a lot of fantastic music that dropped last month, especially since we got the now-infamous Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef.

Overall, it has been hard to truly pin down what the best rap albums and songs of 2024 have been. Of course, there are a few projects that are being consistently mentioned. Not to mention, there have been some incredible songs to have come our way, especially as it pertains to rap beef. Whatever the case may be, the month of May has been strong. From industry titans to independent darlings, artists from around the hip-hop world have given us lots to talk about. Having said that, let's recount the best rap albums and songs of the last month.


Mach-Hommy's #RICHAXXHAITIAN is an early contender for album of the year, and that is not an over-exaggeration. Mach-Hommy is an artist who has always valued his artistic integrity. It's ultimately why he keeps his lyrics off of Genius. He wants complete control of how his art is presented, and you have to respect that. As for the album itself, Mach-Hommy finds himself experimenting with different sounds, while speaking on a myriad of topics, specifically those of the political variety. Perhaps his biggest risk is on the album's title track where he raps over production from Kaytranada, all while securing a hook from 03 Greedo. In the end, the song works, which just speaks to the artist's genius.

Vince Staples - Dark Times

If there is anyone who has mastered the art of the short album, it would have to be Vince Staples. On Dark Times, Staples gives us another concise project that peers into the unresolved trauma he faces from his life in Long Beach, California. Many of these tracks are utterly heartbreaking as Staples gives us insight into the lingering feelings he has, despite the success he has amassed. While Staples tries to play off deep emotional pitfalls with jokes and irony, Dark Times sees Staples struggling to drown out the psychological damage. He's as self-aware as ever, and it culminates in a record that is both memorable and a must-listen.

Chief Keef - Almighty So 2

Chief Keef is an artist who has been famous ever since he was a teenager. Coming from Chicago's O Block, success was never guaranteed for Keef. However, he remained exceptionally consistent over the years, and with Almighty So 2, he has showcased once again that he is constantly growing as an artist. From his evolving production skills to his lyrical content, Keef has proven that he is still just as exciting of an artist as he was in 2012. His newest production is filled with off the wall production and infectious energy. For those who may have checked out on Keef, Almighty So 2 is a perfect point of return.

Rapsody - Please Don't Cry

Rapsody is an artist who has constantly given us exceptional albums. Overall, her latest project Please Don't Cry is yet another example of her artistry and introspective stylings. Throughout the project, Rapsody explores her own standing in hip-hop and the world in general. She isn't afraid to ask herself tough questions, while also critiquing the world around her. Each song interconnects to tell an ongoing narrative, and it makes for an exhilarating listen. As for standout tracks, well, "A Ballad For Homegirls" with Baby Tate has proven to be an office favorite. This will certainly go down as one of the best rap albums of the year.

Kendrick Lamar - "Not Like Us"

Overall, Kendrick Lamar gave us a potential song of the summer contender with "Not Like Us." Given the lyrical content of the track, you wouldn't expect this to be the case. However, Kendrick's mastery of tone and flow ultimately helped propel this song to "instant classic" status. The production from Mustard is fantastic and we can only imagine the amount of covers we will here throughout the upcoming NCAA season with marching bands adding the song to their repertoires. Additionally, in the eyes of many, this will go down as the song that defeated Drake, once and for all.

Drake - "Family Matters"

In any normal circumstance, Drake's "Family Matters" would have been enough to win a beef. However, Drizzy found himself going up against the real-life Boogeyman. Regardless, a Best of May list would be incomplete without this track. From the beat switches to the flows to the sheer venomous content of the disses themselves, Drake came through with a valiant effort on this song. In fact, the last verse is iconic thanks to the "Kendrick just opened his mouth" line that has been stuck in our heads since it dropped. Say what you will about the outcome of this feud, there is no denying that Drake knows how to churn out hits.

MESSIAH!, MAVI, & Ovrkast. - "silent heel"

On "Silent Heel," MESSIAH!, MAVI, and Ovrkast. give us one of the best lowkey bangers of the entire year thus far. From the production to the rapping, every single artist here brings the best version of themselves. It is a song that underground hip-hop fans will most certainly enjoy, and we cannot wait to hear more from all three of these artists throughout the year. For those perhaps looking to discover some incredible talent, then look no further than this track right here.

Key Glock - "F**k Around & Find Out

Over these last couple of years, Key Glock has proven himself to be a master of the Memphis sound. He has delivered a plethora of incredible singles as his project Glockoma 2 was one of the best rap albums of 2023. In 2024, the artist has started out strong with a plethora of phenomenal singles. One of which being "F**k Around & Find Out." Key Glock slides all over this track and from the production to the flows, you can't help but feel like Glock is especially locked in. His run has been special to watch, and we're anticipating more heat throughout 2024.

Roddy Ricch - "Survivor's Remorse"

Roddy Ricch has had to deal with a lot of criticisms over the last few years. After delivering a phenomenal debut album, he has come through with a couple of missteps in the form of LIVE LIFE FAST and Feed Tha Streets 3. However, with "Survivor's Remorse," Roddy is showing us that he is still hungry to deliver exceptional music. From the gorgeous choir vocals at the beginning of the song, to Roddy's emotionally-driven bars, this is a song worth your consideration. Roddy is back, and his new album is shaping up to be a comeback for the ages.

GloRilla ft. Megan Thee Stallion & Cardi B - "Wanna Be Remix"

GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion delivered a viral hit with "Wanna Be" just a few weeks ago. However, it was becoming clearer than ever that a remix would be on the horizon. Well, that is exactly what we got just last week with the Cardi B version. Once again, Cardi delivers an energetic verse that reaffirms her standing as one of the best women MCs out. Not to mention, it is a verse that ultimately sparked a feud with BIA. For now, fans are not feeling BIA's response, however, this song has proven to be a big moment.

Let us know which of these projects and songs was your favorite, in the comments section below.

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