Tia Kemp Blasts Rick Ross, Reveals He Wanted More Kids In Questionable Rant

Kemp says the last thing she wants is any more "bottomless tank belly babies."

BYCaroline Fisher
Pandora Play Back With Rick Ross

It goes without saying that Rick Ross and his ex Tia Kemp don't exactly get along. In fact, she appears to have been on a mission to do as much damage to his reputation as possible in recent weeks. She accused him of sleeping with Gucci Mane's wife while he was in prison, for one, roasted his new girlfriend Cristina Mackey, and much more.

Last month, she even threatened to expose Ross' unspecified alleged medical condition, insisting she wasn't afraid to "send TMZ to his doctor." Eventually, this all resulted in Ross hitting her with a cease and desist, though it doesn't seem to have slowed her down much.

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Tia Kemp Didn't Want Any More "Bottomless Tank Belly Babies"

Recently, Kemp was chatting with fans on Instagram Live when she claimed that at one point, Rick Ross wanted to have more children with her. Currently, the former pair share one son. According to Kemp, she was far from thrilled to hear that Ross wanted to procreate more than they already had, and immediately let him know. "He even wanted me to have another one," she begins in a clip from the stream. "B*tch, ain't nothing gonna come out of this... If I wanted to have more babies, I got rid of one after little Will and before. You better ask that fat back b*tch. I didn't want no more big b*tch bottomless tank belly babies. Especially not a big lumberjack-looking girl."

Clearly, Kemp isn't at all interested in having any more kids any time soon, and certainly not with Rozay. What do you think of Rick Ross' beef with his ex, Tia Kemp? What about her claiming that he wanted more kids, but she said no? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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