Coi Leray Didn't Sell Drugs Or Sleep In Cars, Benzino Insists Amid Father-Daughter Tension

Since the "Trendsetter" suggested Benzino is "envious" of her success in an interview with Angie Martinez, he's had a lot to say about both women.

BYHayley Hynes
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Coi Leray and Benzino don't always take their drama to the internet, but when they do, we feel it. The pair seemed to be on good terms a few months back, though the "Blick Blick" artist's comments about her father during a recent interview with Angie Martinez rubbed him the wrong way. "At first it was rocky, because I felt like he couldn't handle my success," Leray told the podcaster of how her and Benzino's relationship changed during her rise to fame. "[It's] okay because he's human, that's fine."

Though she admittedly gave him some grace, the former media titan is having a hard time hearing some of what his child had to say. He's already put her and Martinez on blast for spreading a "false narrative" about him, as well as Busta Rhymes for filming a music video with a half-naked Leray not too long ago. On Monday (November 13), Benzino had more to get off his chest on Live. "She said she slept in cars, she ain't never slept in no f**king cars," the 58-year-old's rant began.

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Benzino Has More Thoughts on Coi Leray's New Interview

"That I knew about, you know. I had my daughter five months out the year," he added. "I was with her mother until she was nine, then I had her five months out the year. She lived with me twice, in Atlanta she went to Campbell High School. I was a single dad, and I was taking care of my kids. All of my kids," Benzino went off, the emotion in his voice growing. "And her two older brothers by two other men that wasn't mine... [Coi] looks like she's almost brainwashed. She ain't ever slept in no cars or sold drugs. I don't know why she's running with this narrative." Leray has yet to respond, but if she does choose to address her father, we know she won't hold back on speaking her truth.

No matter what's going on in her personal life with Benzino or her other relationships, Coi Leray continues to kill it musically. Her latest release was in tandem with Lola Brooke for the New York native's debut album, Dennis Daughter, which you can check out at the link below. For more music/pop culture news updates, tap back in with HNHH later.

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