Lil Baby Throws Up YSL Sign While Rapping About Snitches: Watch

Lil Baby's clearly not a fan of snitches.

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It's no secret that Lil Baby's not a fan of snitches, but he recently made it clearer than ever which ones he's referring to in his music. During one of his recent performances, he threw up a YSL sign while spitting about alleged rats. After Gunna took a plea deal for his RICO charges and got released from prison at the end of last year, there were a ton of rumors floating around that he snitched on Young Thug.

Though Gunna's adamantly denied this for some time, the rumors continue, particularly among those calling for Young Thug's release. It's been speculated before that Lil Baby took aim at Gunna on one of his songs, rapping, "Some n***as taking pleas at trial I know that slime ain’t happy." It was even later speculated that Young Thug told Lil Baby and Lil Durk to call Gunna out on his album Business Is Business, with an alleged phone call of the rumored exchange making its rounds online over the summer.

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Lil Baby Takes Aim At Snitches

"Yo, aye Wham, if you thinkin’ about responding to the little sh*t that buddy put out, I want you to respond on my album. I’m droppin’ this spontaneous album on the same day he drops his album. I’m going to name this sh*t Business Is Business,” he said in the alleged phone call.

As for Young Thug, he remains behind bars, awaiting his upcoming trial scheduled for the end of this month. If he's fully convicted for the crimes he's accused of, he could be looking at life in prison. The YSL founder waited for months for the jury selection process to wrap up, which just happened earlier this week. The jury will be made up of seven Black women, two white women, two Black men, and one white man. What do you think of Lil Baby throwing a YSL sign at one of his recent shows? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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