The 10 Best Moments From Gunna's "A Gift & A Curse" LA Show

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Gunna - The Gift Live at Barclays Center
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Gunna performs onstage during Gunna - The Gift Live at Barclays Center on September 09, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Gunna)
Gunna's LA tour stop was full of memorable surprises.

Last night, the City of Angels witnessed firsthand a musical experience like no other. Gunna made his return to the stage at the YouTube Theater as part of the second leg of his The Gift & The Curse tour. The energy in the room was high with anticipation, as fans eagerly awaited the Atlanta rapper's performance after a two-year hiatus. Prior to this show, Gunna performed at Barclay's Center earlier in September. This tour was in support of Gunna's latest album, a Gift & a Curse, which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

The YouTube Theater in Los Angeles was the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable night. The venue buzzed with anticipation as fans of all ages gathered in the intimate, sold-out theater. From Gunna performing some of his classics from beloved projects such as Drip or Drown to previewing new music, fans of all ages had something to appreciate. While the evening experienced a brief hiccup when technical difficulties silenced Gunna's microphone, necessitating a 10-minute pause in the show, the rapper didn't let that hinder his ability to deliver an outstanding performance. Keep reading for 10 of the best moments from the show.

1. DDG And Flo Milli Opened The Show

Kicking off the night of Gunna's headlining tour was Flo Milli and DDG. Flo Milli, known for her infectious energy and razor-sharp lyricism, set the stage on fire with her captivating performance of "In The Party." She set the energetic tone as people poured into the theater getting ready for the night. After that, second opener DDG kicked off his performance with his hit song "Moonwalkin' in Calabassas.' He performed three songs total before finishing out with "I'm Geekin." During this song, he brought an extra dose of surprise and excitement to the stage when he invited his talented little cousin, Woo Wop, into the spotlight. The 7-year-old's cameo appearance was met with cheerful applause as he helped perform the song with him.

2. Gunna Started His Set With "Back At It"

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As the clock neared showtime, around 10 p.m., the venue plunged into darkness, igniting a wave of cheering and roars among the crowd. The stage was set with a white curtain, which ultimately was lifted to reveal a giant statue head of Gunna. The sculpted material also included a massive snake that adorned the stage. The intro to "Back At It" began playing and this was a moment in itself. Although it was the first song, the crowd was eager to get things started. The curtains lifted to reveal an elevated Gunna standing several feet above the ground, on top of his statue head. As the curtains lifted, an elevated Gunna was unveiled, positioned several feet above the ground, and standing on top of the towering sculpture of his own head. It was a grand entrance to remember.

3. The Entire Crowd Knew The Lyrics To "Too Easy"

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As the show went on, Gunna performed fan favorites throughout the night. Some of the memorable songs on the setlist included "back to the moon," "bread & butter," "pushin P" "you & me," "poochie gown," and plenty more. However, one standout song that everyone seemed hype for was when he performed "Too Easy," which appears on his album DS4EVER. Some fans speculated that he would bring out Roddy Ricch since he's featured on the remix of the song. However, he didn't, but it was still a great, lively performance. The audience sang the words lyric for lyric.

4. Gunna Performed Songs From Each Of His Previous Albums

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Despite being on tour in support of his latest album, a Gift & a Curse, Gunna left no stone unturned in delivering an unforgettable performance. He played music from his previous projects which included songs from Drip Or Drown (1 and 2), DS4EVER, Drip Season 3, Slime Language 2, and WUNNA. Before delving into his renowned catalog, he eagerly asked the crowd, "Where are my Drip or Drown fans at?" This reference to his 2017 and 2019 albums, Drip or Drown and its sequel, marked pivotal moments in his career. Both albums earned widespread acclaim and helped foster a devoted fan base. The crowd's enthusiasm reflected this, and he gave his day one fans something to be excited for. He proceeded to play fan favorites such as "Dollaz ONnMy Head," "Space Cadet," "Drip Too Hard," "P Power," "Ski," "Baby Birkin," and so many more that left fans feeling nostalgic.

5. "Free Jeffery" Signage

Just a year ago, Gunna's life took a dramatic turn when he found himself behind bars as part of YSL's 56-count RICO Act indictment filed by Fulton County in May 2022. However, he emerged from that situation seven months later, thanks to Georgia's Alford Plea, a legal maneuver that didn't require him to admit guilt but allowed him to secure his release. This period of uncertainty and legal trouble undoubtedly cast a shadow over Gunna's career, with fans divided over his involvement in the case. One notable moment during the show was when he performed "Hot," which he originally performed with YSL head honcho Young Thug, also commonly known as Jeffery. During this song, fans noticed the "Free Jeffery" artwork displayed on all sides of the stage.

6. "Yosemite" Performance

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Gunna performs onstage during Gunna - The Gift Live at Barclays Center on September 09, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Gunna)

Gunna's performance of "Yosemite" was fitting for the middle of the night. It's one of the calmer songs he has in his catalog and it allowed audiences to vibe out and be mesmerized by the music. His delivery was nothing short of awe-inspiring as he effortlessly flowed through his verses, his voice resounding loud and clear. "Yosemite" is a song that actually appears on Travis Scott's album Astroworld, but Gunna has a notable verse on the track.

7. Brought Out Special Guest Victor Thompson

As far as special guests, Nigerian artist Victor Thompson was the only performing act that Gunna brought out on stage. Thompson is an Afrobeats artist and performed his hit song "This Year (Blessings)" which served as a nice change in pace for the night. It seemed as though the audience was getting familiar with him, but many enjoyed the vibe he brought to the stage.

8. He Previewed Unreleased Music

There was a moment where a song played during his set and no one in the audience knew the words. Later, the crowd realized it was unreleased music that he was previewing. Although no one seemed to know this initially because Gunna didn't announce that he'd be playing unreleased music, the song was a banger. People had their hands up and rocked out anways.

9. Performed "Top Off" Like Viral TikTok Challenge

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Another highlight of the night was when Gunna performed "Top Off." This was significant for the main reason that he performed it in a similar way as the viral TikTok challenge that took the internet by storm. While the song itself dates back to 2018, the viral TikTok trend emerged in 2022 and found millions of users imitating Gunna's original COLORS performance that had a microphone hanging from the ceiling while he rapped. Needless to say, many fans in the audience understood the reference, and appreciated that he acknowledged the trend.

10. Brought Out Turbo For A Piano Solo

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Last but not least, Gunna's longtime friend and collaborator Turbo, known for his producer tagline "run that back Turbo," appeared on stage for a piano solo. It was a beautiful moment that occurred as Gunna closed out his performance for "Lemonade." Overall, last night's performance was a testament to Gunna's commitment to his craft and his fans. The final songs of the night included fan-favorite "fukumean," and "missing me," to close out the night. As he exited the stage, the crowd clapped and cheered, signaling that his music had spoken louder than any controversy surrounding him. It was a night to remember. Stay tuned to HNHH for what's next for Gunna.


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