Tristan Thompson Seeks To Become Guardian Of Brother Amari

Thompson has been caring for his brother since their mother died earlier this year.

BYBen Mock
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Tristan Thompson has filed a legal request to become the guardian of his 17-year-old brother, Amari. The move comes after their mother, Andrea, died suddenly in January. Thompson has informally cared for his brother even since, even briefly living with him in the home of Khloé Kardashian. Amari is unable to care for himself due to several severe medical conditions. Furthermore, Tristan would also safeguard the $103,000 inheritance that Amari received from their mother.

Thompson's responsibilities would involve general day-to-day care of his brother, including attending to his medical needs. This means that Thompson's NBA career is all but over as he officially pivots towards full-time care work. While Thompson was at the tail-end of his career anyway, he did join the Lakers for their 2023 playoff run. The timeline of formalizing Thompson as Amari's guardian is unclear.

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Role Of Dishawn Thompson Unclear

Thompson lists himself as the closest relative to Amari able to care for him. This has led to some fans questioning the role of Dishawn Thompson. Dishawn gained some notoriety during the death of their mother as he appeared to take shots at Khloé Kardashian. After Khloé revealed that she had let Tristan and Amari stay with her, Dishawn to took social media. “Death for a storyline 🤔” and “Don’t believe everything you see or hear on social media. 95% is a lie,” all appeared on the 28-year-old’s Instagram story after the episode aired. People immediately took this as a jab at Kardashian for exploiting their mother’s death. After this supposed beef emerged, Dishawn has taken to Instagram to clarify his comments.

“Y’all chill out that wasn’t towards Khloe or her family,” Dishawn began his response. “Khloe has been a real one toward myself and my bros from day1. I wouldn’t try to bash a female down ever and especially on social media. Please don’t speak for me #BigCoach.” If one had to guess, it’s likely that Dishawn was actually defending Kardashian in response to the social media speculation. His comments were like a reaction to what other people were saying about Kardashian after the storyline was made public in the episode.

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