Cardi B Doesn't Feel Sorry For "Fan" She Hit With Microphone

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Celebrity Sightings In Paris - July 5th, 2023
PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 05: Cardi B is seen leaving her hotel on July 05, 2023 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pierre Suu/GC Images)
According to Cardi, the drink-thrower knew what she was doing.

During her recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, Cardi B opened up about an unfortunate fan encounter that made headlines earlier this summer. In July, Cardi was onstage performing when an audience member threw a drink that hit her in the face. The rapper wasn't having it, and retaliated by hurdling her microphone at the drink-thrower. The woman who was hit by the microphone later claimed that she wasn't the one who actually threw the drink, but Cardi has other thoughts.

Cardi says she initially kept quiet about the situation because she thought she could be facing some legal repercussions. She was reported to be a battery suspect following the incident, but was eventually cleared. "It was really like a quick reaction," she says of the microphone throw. She continues, revealing that earlier in the show, she had asked fans to splash her with water. Cardi adds, however, that she made a point to tell them not to mess up her makeup by splashing her in the face. "This b*tch threw water and ice on my face," she says, "so I just automatically reacted."

Cardi B Says Microphone Throw Was A Knee-Jerk Reaction

Cardi continues, explaining how she wasn't even sure exactly who the microphone was headed for. "I just threw the sh*t," she says. The rapper went on to claim that looking back on footage from the incident, it seems as though the person who threw the drink intended on hitting her in the face with it. She adds that the drink-thrower isn't a real fan, and if she had been hit in the face with water and ice, would have done the same thing.

Following the incident, the infamous microphone thrown by Cardi went up for auction on eBay. The closing bid was nearly $100K, however, it eventually fell through after the winner ghosted the person selling it. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Cardi B.

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