Dillon Danis Becomes A Father, Uses The Moment To Troll Logan Paul

Not even fatherhood will stop Danis from trolling.

BYBen Mock
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Not even the birth of his son will prevent Dillon Danis from trolling Logan Paul. After announcing the birth of his son, Danis dropped a series of memes aimed at the YouTuber. The first was a photoshop of Danis holding his son. However, an image of Paul's fiancée Nina Agdal had been added, as had an image of Logan's face over his son's. The second image was an older white couple holding a Black baby. That tweet was labeled "Logan Paul's first born".

This is the war of words that has only grown between the two fighters. Danis has been going hard against Agdal, who he has referred to as a "whore" and a "slut". Most recently, Danis posted a video of Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, appearing to ask for sex amid a “dry spell”. It is unclear whether the video is genuine and if so, when it was filmed and where it was originally posted. Paul, as he has been doing throughout this beef, chose to comment on the latest attack on Agdal. Rather than go after Paul himself, Agdal has been Danis’ primary avenue of attack.

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Paul Holding Back...For Now

However, it appears that Paul is now beginning to empty his arsenal. Speaking with KSI on IMPAULSIVE, Paul began to hit back against Danis. “He’s attacking an uninvolved third party, a woman, and it’s all he has! And I get it, all is fair in love and war but sort of because I look at myself and go the amount of dirt I have sitting in my phone. The amount of people who fucking hate this guy who send me stuff, but do I want to go there? About his mom, his relatives, his sister, his cousins! Especially his mother, do I want to do that?” However, Paul also said that he wouldn’t stoop to that level.

KSI also spoke on catching strays from Danis, despite not even being the one fighting him. Previously, KSI had meant to fight Danis in 2022. However, Danis pulled out just 10 days before the fight. “It got to a period where he started going at my girlfriend and started to look for pictures of my girlfriend. When he was going down that route, that’s when I was like, bro, ‘You’re not even fighting me.’ Like, what is going on? She just wants to keep to herself.”

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