Momma Dee Offers Her Thoughts On Bambi's Recent Arrest

"My Grandkids need their mother," the reality star said.

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Momma Dee has shared her thoughts on the recent arrest of her former daughter-in-law, "Bambi" Benson. The Love & Hip Hop star was recently arrested alongside her castmates, Erica Mena and ZellSwag. The alleged brawl took place at an Atlanta lounge. Saucy Santana, who was present with his boyfriend, Zell, apparently swiftly left the situation. There have been reports that Erica Mena even bit a police officer.

In Momma Dee's opinion, the reality star needs to "reassess" her relationship with her current friend group. "I found out Erica bit the police. Girl, don't be getting Bambi in on trouble," Momma Dee said in a clip posted to The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram. "Bambi, you need to reassess who you're friends are."

"My Grandkids Need Their Mother," Momma Dee Says

She continued: "Sierra got out the way, real quick. Ya gotta think...ya just gotta think. It ain't worth it. Paying bonds. And you already know we [dealing] [with] Fulton County Jail. [It's] the kinda jail [where] people coming up dead and stuff." She added," It's nasty in there. Girl, don't nobody want to be caught behind enemy lines. Ok, Bam, hope somebody tell her." In another slide of the lengthy clip, Momma Dee continues on. "Send Momma Dee to jail and see how close I get to you. Never Again. You ain't gonna cost me and my kids hardship, honey," she said.

"...And Bambi love her children. And Scrappy love his children, ok. Don't be getting Bam locked up...I don't want her locked grandkids need their mother." However, in the wake of the official announcement, Momma Dee had a different take on the matter. As well as accusing Bambi of lying about her age, she also clowned her lash game. “Did you know she used her fake IDs when they booked her? It said she was 37 when she got booked. Yes, see, she still lying," she said in recently surfaced clip. “She can’t afford [to be sued] because ain’t pay her divorce lawyer, did y’all know that?” Maybe the pair aren't as close as they seem.

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