Charleston White's Instagram Has Been Deleted Once Again

The controversial media personality has once again had his social media privileges snatched.

BYAlexis Oatman

Charleston White's recent controversy with Kick streamer Adin Ross landed him in hot water, with his Instagram account deleted for the fourth time. The decision follows White taking to TikTok Live on an anti-Semitic tirade after falling out with Ross. Prior to this, they were enjoying some Vegas fun — White even got into an argument with a waitress. The situation came to a head while the pair got some food at Dick’s Last Resort. The popular restaurant chain is popular for its staff who intentionally provide “bad service.” However, it doesn’t seem like Charleston White was a fan. At one point, he even questioned, “Is this a prank or something?”

It's not surprising that White has lost access to his social media multiple times in the past. The Texas native is known for his unconventional take on Hip Hop, politics, and social injustice issues — like the murder of George Floyd. Additionally, he's made headlines for his commentary on the death of the late rapper DMX, as well as the deaths of Nipsey Hussle and King Von. He’s even feuded with Soulja Boy, trading jabs back and forth online.

What Happened Between White And Adin Ross In Vegas?

After White and streamer IZIPrime got into an on-stream argument, things went south between the two. According to White, Ross explicitly invited him to hang out in Las Vegas after Ross said he needed a break from streaming. As a result of his recent tirade against Jewish people, it seems that the pair were, in fact, at odds.

"Fuck that white boy [Adin Ross], fuck them Jew motherfuckers,” White begins in one clip posted to X. “They don’t know shit, n***a. They don’t know how to treat no n***a. The Jews? Nah nah, we’re the real motherfucking Jews. The nappy-hat n***a that was in chains. Fuck the Jews, man," he said in the lengthy video. "The Holocaust was fake...They made up some shit. Like Valentine Day and Christmas, made up. Fuck you talking about – when Jesus was born there weren’t even no December."

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