Charleston White Does Nazi Salute During Anti-Semitic Rant Against Adin Ross

White's vile comments were aimed at streamer Adin Ross.

BYBen Mock

Charleston White is facing significant backlash after going on an anti-Semitic tirade during a TikTok live stream. "Fuck that white boy [Adin Ross], fuck them Jew motherfuckers," White begins in one clip posted to X. "They don't know shit, n***a. They don't know how to treat no n***a. The Jews? Nah nah, we're the real motherfucking Jews. The nappy-hat n***a that was in chains. Fuck the Jews, man. The Holocaust was fake. Yeah, the Holocaust was some made-up shit. They made up some shit. Like Valentine Day and Christmas, made up. Fuck you talking about - when Jesus was born there weren't even no December. It's fake y'all. Adin and his line motherfuckers. Fuck them. I rock with Hitler. Hitler-loving motherfucker. They fly me out here. I fucking love Hitler. Heil motherfucking Hitler [White performs a Nazi salute]. The motherfucking Jews ain't suffered what the motherfucking n***a suffered."

White continued streaming, later saying that he would rather "rob and rape a sister before I take some from a Jew." All of this comes after White got into an on-stream argument with streamer IZIPrime, with Adin Ross intervening to prevent a full-blown fight. White was in Las Vegas after Ross explicitly invited him to hang out after Ross said he needed a break from streaming. Ross is yet to respond to White's comments.

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White Slammed For Rant

The reaction to White's tirade has been overwhelmingly negative. While some of his edgier fans have applauded his comments and even gone as far as to justify them, most people agree that it's an incredibly fucked up thing to say. Not only did White say a vast array of anti-Semitic things, but the streamer also essentially straight-up admitted that he is a Nazi and holds Nazi tendencies.

Not only does this come days after Jamie Foxx invoked anti-Semitic sentiment, it comes amid a major spike in anti-Semitic violence. According to a March 2023 NPR report, the ADL stated that antisemitic hate crimes are at an all-time high. The organization tracked 3697 reported incidents of antisemitism in the United States in 2022, the highest number since the ADL began tracking incidents in 1979. People love to talk about how antisemitism isn't a problem in the United States and that the Jewish community is exaggerating the issue. Except, there is absolutely an antisemitism problem in this country if people feel comfortable enough to say "I fucking love Hitler" while through Nazi salutes in a public place.


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