DJ Vlad And Charleston White Feud After Adin Ross Cancels Boosie BadAzz Stream

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The two internet personalities are eager to square off.

DJ Vlad and Charleston White have continued to take shots at one another after Adin Ross canceled a stream featuring Boosie Badazz. "It's funny how Charleston always tries to gaslight and call Boosie a killer - even though Boosie went to trial and was found not guilty. Meanwhile, Charleston was convicted of killing a defenseless man while trying to steal his jacket," Vlad wrote in a seemingly-deleted tweet.

However, White hit back. He brought up the fact that he "plays a character online" while Boosie is a "real killer". To further this, White invoked "Marlo Mike", one of Boosie's alleged hitmen in Memphis. Mike was sentenced to life without parole at the same trial that Boosie was found not guilty at. White ended his response by saying that if Vlad and Boosie wanted a fight, he (and Ross) would end them.

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Why Are DJ Vlad And Charleston White Feuding?

As mentioned, the feud between the two internet personalities is due to Adin Ross canceling a previously planned Boosie stream. Ross has explained that he canceled an upcoming stream with Boosie BadAzz due to his "loyalty" to White. However, this explanation quickly earned him a reprisal from DJ Vlad. "So @adinross, who is Jewish, canceled his livestream with @BOOSIEOFFICIAL because of his loyalty to Charleston White. This is after Charleston White said he loves Hitler and the Holocust was fake. Adin is lame as f-ck for this. F-ck Adin Ross," Vlad said.

The DJ and interviewer was referring to the antisemitic tirade that White aimed at Ross last year. "F-ck that white boy [Ross], f-ck them Jew motherfuckers," White begins in one clip posted to X. "They don't know sh-t, n-gga. They don't know how to treat no n-gga. The Jews? Nah nah, we're the real motherf-cking Jews. The nappy-hat n-gga that was in chains. F-ck the Jews, man. The Holocaust was fake. Yeah, the Holocaust was some made-up sh-t. They made up some shi-t. Like Valentine Day and Christmas, made up. F-ck you talking about - when Jesus was born there weren't even no December. It's fake y'all. Adin and his line motherf-ckers. F-ck them. I rock with Hitler. Hitler-loving motherf-cker. They fly me out here. I f-cking love Hitler. Heil motherf-cking Hitler [White performs a Nazi salute]. The motherf-cking Jews ain't suffered what the motherf-cking n-gga suffered," White said streaming in Vegas last year.

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