A little while back, we reported that Kanye West’s tour company had filed a hefty lawsuit against Lloyd’s Of London because of insurance money that was never paid back to them. Very Good Touring had sued for $9.8 million plus interest for supposedly cooking up a weed-based excuse for not footing the bill once Kanye was forced to shorten the Saint Pablo tour. VGT filed a claim with Lloyd’s in November of 2016, right before the rapper halted his tour after spending more than a week at UCLA Medical Center. The company also claimed that they haven’t received a dime in response to that claim because Lloyd’s was insisting that marijuana was the cause of West’s breakdown at the tail end of last year, voiding whatever insurance agreement had been signed. Now, according to a new report from TMZ, Kanye West and VGT are being countersued by Lloyd’s, with the potential for additional legal action to come as well.

As per the new documentation, the rapper and his team aren’t getting paid for the cancelled concerts because Lloyd’s of London thinks his breakdown was fueled by prescription drugs and illegal drugs and therefore his own fault. In the countersuit that was filed against Kanye’s Very Good Touring, Lloyd’s also says that insufficient information was delivered to them in order to determine whether to cover his losses or not after the tour cancellation was announced. To be clear, Lloyd’s doesn’t call out booze or drug use specifically as the reason why they’re refusing to pay Kanye, but they are that something he did triggered the policy exclusions that point towards the use of substances. This would make sense, since the initial premise coming from West’s side was that the insurers were dragging their feet because of an excuse based around drug consumption. 

While it’s not yet clear how this will play out, it’s plain to see that Lloyd’s of London has absolutely no interest in ponying up any cash to West or VGT for last year’s canned show dates. We’ll see who the judge sides with in the end and if Yeezy will in fact be able to cover his losses.

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Kanye West Is Being Countersued By Lloyd's Of London