Drake's IG Story Leaves Fans Suspecting A Possible Yeat Collab

Drake co-signed Yeat's new music video recently.

BYCaroline Fisher
Drake's Till Death Do Us Part Rap Battle Event

Drake recently took to his Instagram to co-sign another artist. He posted a screenshot from California-born rapper Yeat's new music video, leading some fans to speculate. "Dialed In," he wrote over the photo. Social media users appear to think that Drake was hinting at an upcoming collab with him, though it hasn't been confirmed. Yeat has previously teased a possible collaboration with the Canadian, so the idea wouldn't be too far fetched. The screenshot was taken from Yeat's new "bigger thën everything" music video, which Lyrical Lemonade dropped yesterday.

“We’re going to have some sh*t on the way,” Yeat told Complex at the end of last year. “In the future. Not yet. I want to make it in-person with him. I don’t want to be sending sh*t.” He also famously attended Drake's release party for Certified Lover Boy. “It was late as f*ck at night and Zack [Bia] was like, ‘Yo, Drake said let’s go to Houston,’ and I was like, f*ck it,” he told the outlet. “So we bought a flight instantly. We got there in like three hours. We were there for the album release party, and then left three hours later. Sh*t was fire.”

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Drake Co-Signs "bigger then everything"

Though it's very possible that Drake was simply showing support for his fellow artist, this isn't the first time fans thought they saw a collab on the horizon. Earlier this summer, Yeat started sharing some cowboy-related imagery on social media, and Drake followed suit. He posted a photo of a rack of cowboy boots on his Instagram Story, making fans think that the duo could have something in the works.

Drake's been making his way around the U.S. and Canada on his "It's All A Blur" tour alongside 21 Savage recently. He's been making headlines for celebrity guests, concertgoers' antics, and more. He's also just ahead of his next release, a new album called For All The Dogs.

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