Mario Receives Backlash For Allegedly Writing Letter To Judge In Support Of Tory Lanez

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Social media users are coming for Mario, after a letter he allegedly wrote to a judge in support of Tory Lanez hit the internet.

Earlier this week, Tory Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. The sentencing has gotten social media users talking. While many users have condemned Lanez, others have continued to come to his defense. Lanez' collaborator Mario also took to social media previously, defending his decision to work with him. Allegedly, he even wrote a letter in support of Tory Lanez to the judge.

"As an independent artist doing his thing, it's a lot of artists who don't work as hard as he do," Mario began on Instagram Live. "Regardless of whatever, the music is what it is," he then says. "You still listen to music regardless of what's going on in the world." "The music is what you love people for," he adds, "we're going to keep the energy positive."

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Mario Defends Working With Tory Lanez

A photo of the letter allegedly written by Mario to the judge surfaced recently, where he appears to cite Lanez' work ethic, family, and more. "When Tory first became a father," the letter says, "I remember a conversation about everything he wanted to leave for his child someday." "I have never seen Tory act out of character in a manner to hurt someone," it also reads. "We've spoken on the phone many times and prayed with each other. All I can ask and pray for is that he and his son are treated fairly."

Now, several social media users are calling Mario out, claiming that it was a bad move to come to Lanez' defense. Some believe that showing support for the artist could even be detrimental to his own career. "He fumbled his comeback at the 1 yard line over Tory Lanez," one Twitter user writes. Others have also started to bring up Mario's own past, claiming that they're not surprised he's on Lanez' side. "Mario is a great songwriter. Writing a letter to a judge? Not so much," a Twitter user adds.

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