Drake Shouts Out Smiley And Asks J. Cole For A Collab During Montreal Concert

It was a busy couple of days for Drake in Montreal.

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Lil Baby & Friends Birthday Celebration Concert

The It's All a Blur Tour has already been very memorable. After starting nearly a month after it was supposed to, Drake's had phones and bras thrown at him while also having fans face-plant at his guest stars. Meanwhile, the Kentucky Wildcats are training on his personal court. In short, it's a very exciting time to be Drake. And that's not getting into how he reignited his beef with Anna Wintour during his Boston shows. Fans spotted a giant, unflattering hologram of Wintour’s head multiple times during the concert.

Then there was the concert in Montreal. Obviously, the big headline of the night was a guest appearance by J. Cole. The pair performed "No Role Modelz" together while after the show, Drake dropped a photo dump on Instagram showing some images from the tour so far. “You love thinking that this shit is all heavenly and what not like we’re not capable of being enemies and what not like it’s just security moving heavily and what not you boys over the hill like you seventy and what not or over the hill like we in Beverly and what not. Even when we sober react we tend to over react…allegedly or what not,” the rapper added as a caption.

Drake Adds J. Cole To For All The Dogs

However, J. Cole didn't simply appear at the Montreal show. While he was on stage with Drake, the Toronto rapper also asked Cole if he would be willing to appear on his upcoming album. For All The Dogs has arguably become more anticipated than the tour that Drake is currently on. Despite the album dropping later this year, we still don't know all that much about it. What we do know is that it will accompany a book of poetry written by the rapper. Furthermore, Nicki Minaj will reportedly feature on at least one track. Cole enthusiastically agreed, replying "Say less, let's do this!"

That wasn't the only thing to go down at the Montreal show. Drake a moment to shout out Smiley while performing. The two previously collaborated on "Over The Top", which later appeared on Smiley's Buy or Bye 2 album. Furthermore, Drake had to borrow a fan's fan during one of the concerts. Like large parts of the United States, it's been very warm in Montreal. Warm enough that Drake needed to grab a fan while he was coming out on stage and working the line. With his shows in Montreal done, Drake and 21 are headed to New York for four shows in Brooklyn.


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