Drake & 21 Savage Troll Anna Wintour With Unflattering Tour Hologram

Drake doesn't appear to be ending his beef with the fashion mogul.

BYBen Mock
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When Drake and 21 Savage were first promoting Her Loss in November 2022, one tactic they used was a collection of fake Vogue covers. The hyper-realistic mockups were enough to convince many fans that a special edition of the long-running magazine was in the works. The promotional material even convinced several news outlets to report that the pair would be featured on a Vogue cover in the near future. However, Vogue was unimpressed. Led by long-time editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, the magazine sued the two rappers. The mockup also included nods to Howard Stern and NPR.

The problem, it appeared, was that Drake and Savage had advertised the magazine as real. Drake had gone as far as to make a post on Instagram that tagged the magazine and explicitly thanked Wintour "for the love and support on this historic moment." Condé Nast reportedly sought $4 million in damages and eventually settled out of court with the rappers. While it's unknown if Drake and Savage paid the full $4 million, it is believed that the settlement was in the millions.

Anna Wintour Mocked With It's All A Blur Hologram

However, it appears that Drake and Savage are looking to get the last laugh about the whole thing. TikToks that appear to be from the pair's shows in Boston on July 11 and 12 highlight an intriguing piece of set design. Fans spotted a giant, unflattering hologram of Wintour's head multiple times during the concert. No one from the tour has officially confirmed that it's Wintour. Despite this, the signature bob and sunglasses very much give it away. Furthermore, Drake posted the image, which appears to have been AI-generated, on his Instagram earlier this week.

Additional videos appear to indicate that the visual is best viewed during "Jimmy Cooks". During the song, the hologram dons the iconic sunglasses and laughs evilly. Furthermore, this reveals a mouth full of discolored and rotting teeth. It appears that the two rappers aren't afraid to poke the bear. Obviously, there's very little Wintour could do from a legal perspective. However, there are a few social consequences that she could levy instead. For example, don't expect to see Drake or Savage attending next year's Met Gala.


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