Cardi B Addresses New Tasha K Rumors About Offset

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The rap power couple isn't taking the new rumors lightly.

It appears that Tasha K can be down but never out. Despite filing for bankruptcy in the midst of having to pay out $4 million to Cardi, Tasha is still making content about the New York rapper. In her latest viral video, Tasha claims to have proof that Offset cheated on Cardi B. Furthermore, she went as far as to claim that the alleged infidelity happened on Kulture's bed.

Cardi, who earlier this week slammed Tasha K for invoking the death of Takeoff while bashing Cardi's feud with the stepson of one of the Titan submersible victims, took to Twitter to address the rumors.

"I'm that type of bitch that a n-gga's gonna cuff," Cardi said during a Twitter spaces session. I don't go outside like. So when I do be outside, their voices start trembling. They be like "H-h-h-h-hi Cardi". They be nervous because they know I'm a bad bitch." Cardi went on to essentially declare that if she did leave Offset, she would land on her feet because that's just the sort of person that she is.

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Offset Leaks Cardi's DM Slides

Not wanting to be left out of the drama, Offset also took to social media. In the case of the former Migos rapper, he was leaking DM slides that Cardi has received. He prefaced the leak with a threat against Tasha, saying he was going to "run into" her.

While he didn't reveal who had shot their shot at Cardi, it was clear that whoever it was felt that Offset was the problem. Their message was long, rambling, and likely a common sight for a lot of women who have had to deal with "saviors" in their DMs.

"Happy B day !!! Enjoy your day ... don't let none throw you off!!! Somebody sent me an invitation ion no if it's real or not!! An i be hearing shit but from me to you I'm 1000 on every aspect from the biggest shit down to me even dm you !! I'll never do no cornball shit or even do none to your make people mad etc !! I hate when a mf ima fucc n-gga cause I really come from a genuine place," the message read.

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Cardi B Superfan Started Nicki Minaj Eviction Petition

Elsewhere on social media, Cardi's fans are running wild. One fan by the name of Beverly Bardan has seemingly confessed to being behind a recent petition to get Nicki Minaj evicted from her home in Hidden Hills, California.

It was recently reported that a petition to evict Minaj was circulating in the city nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains. The petition centered on the sex offender status of Nicki's husband Kenneth Petty. It claimed that allowing the couple to stay would drive down property values and pose a risk to local women and children.

However, it was revealed that the local housing association had no knowledge of the petition. Furthermore, someone discovered proof on a Cardi stan account on Twitter. The account admitted to flyer bombing the neighborhood and also starting the petition. Cardi has not commented directly on these allegations.

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