Regardless of the size of your celebrity or how large it was in the past, eyes are always on you on social media so it’s probably best to be mindful on what you’re up to. However, Bow Wow clearly doesn’t really play that game nor does he truly care.

DJ Akademiks recently posted a video of Iggy Azalea showing off her figure. The caption read “#iggyazalea showing off them cheeks. KEEP IT TRILL. Is her music career dead or na?” While most people been saying it’s been dead, Bow Wow isn’t really concerned about her music career. He commented on the post saying that he’d “I swear id eat her 👅🍑NO PROBLEM! Idgaf 😂.” 

While it seems to be in all fun and games with Bow Wow, it’s a pretty bold statement to put out there publicly. He’s pretty quick at shooting his shot and while he’s still Bow Wow, other people in the comment section weren’t going to let him do that without roasting him. One Instagram user said “Ain’t you got some fake flexing to do?” in reference of him pretending to hop on a private plane. Another one roasted him on the same subject saying “@shadmoss lmao #bowwowchallenge u lost nigga go back to CSI.” The comments section went from praising Iggy’s to a full on Shad Moss roasting session.

This isn’t the first time Shad Moss has caught flack for his social media activity. His most recent controversy stemmed from an Instagram post where he said “Women are suppose to be beautiful and hard to catch like a butterfly… Some of you B*****s are more like mosquitos annoying and easy to smash.” which you could only assume did not sit well with many people.

While we haven’t really heard much from Iggy musically, her curvy figure has seemed to be making more headlines as of recently. She’s been posting selfies of her post-gym work out and every show that she plays, it seems like her figure is catching more attention than her performance. While she’s previously stated that she has “no idea” when her album is dropping, with the influx of shows she’s been doing, chances are it’s soon. 

Check the post below:

Bow Wow Iggy

Bow Wow Falls For Iggy Azalea's Thirst Trap