Don't call it a comeback.

After two singles flops, it looks like Def Jam Records is stalling on Iggy Azalea's album release. Iggy then took to Snapchat (with videos that has since been deleted) to launch into a rant where she claimed that the release date of Digital Distortion without telling her.

"I have no idea when it's coming out," she said.

According to Azalea, the label decided that her record wouldn't come out until June 30th, before downgrading that to the ambiguous premiere promise of "later this month" during her Tonight Show appearance. "[...] That can't be good," added Azalea, "[they've] backed away from having a real date."

She emailed the record company, which went as poorly as one might expect. "I pretty much got back this bulls**t email [saying] 'Iggy I still don't have the paperwork done, so it's not going to happen'." Iggy has supposedly sent off another email, but no reply was received. Def Jam hasn't officially commented on the issue.

Check out the video below.