Amber Rose And Joseline Hernandez Appear To Get Into Physical Altercation

An altercation appears to follow a conversation surrounding racial identity.

BYCaroline Fisher
Amber Rose And Joseline Hernandez Appear To Get Into Physical Altercation

In a promo trailer for College Hill: Celebrity Edition, Amber Rose and Joseline Hernandez appear to get into a physical altercation following a discussion on racial identity. Hernandez claims to have "dog walked” Amber Rose. The discussion got ugly after Hernandez accused Amber Rose of "really want[ing] to be a white girl.” BET shared an onscreen message stating that they will not be airing the altercation. “Out of respect for all parties involved, we have chosen not to show this fight. College Hill and ASU do not condone violence of any kind,” it reads.

“Joseline, stop identifying me,” Amber said shortly before the incident, “I identify myself and let you know who that is.” “If you gon’ check me, then check me!” Hernandez responded, “You know what your problem is?! Your problem is that you really wanna be a white girl.” Amber Rose then stood up, and is shown heading for Hernandez.

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Amber Rose And Joseline Hernandez Discuss Racial Identity

In April, Wiz Khalifa opened up about co-parenting his son Sebastian alongside Amber Rose on an episode of the Drink Champs podcast. "We’re like the ideal couple, even though we’re not together,” he explained. “We share the most beautiful thing in life, we have a kid. We got great memories, we were married. So everything we did was out of pure love, you know what I’m saying? We planned on being with each other forever. But, you know, that sh*t gets difficult. And I think with marriage, with legal marriage, it kind of sucks because that has to be the end of something when that’s over. But I think we’re proving that it’s not the end of everything, even when that legal sh*t is over," he shared.

"I got her back, she knows it, she got my back, I know it," the rapper continued, “We do a great job, you know, being there for our kid. We do so many things for Sebastian- not even just for him, but we’re such a good unit for him that I didn’t see growing up. My parents, they weren’t able to function, her parents as well. I think just that generation of dysfunction, there was no come-together. There was no holidays, there was no birthdays together. It was just real dysfunctional. That’s what we grew up seeing, and we do things together."

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