GloRilla On Marriage: “Couldn’t See Myself F***k With One N***a For Too Long”

The viral rapper didn’t hold back at all in a new tweet.

BYNoah Grant
GloRilla On Marriage: “Couldn’t See Myself F***k With One N***a For Too Long”

GloRilla burst onto the scene a little bit over a year ago. It was last year that the rapper released “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).” The song, which was produced by Hitkidd, gained immense popularity on TikTok after its release. As such, this led to the track peaking at No. 42 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song has now been certified gold by the RIAA and received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance. Iconic rapper Nas even referenced GloRilla and the viral track in his own song. He called her out by name in his album King’s Disease III’s final bonus track titled “Til My Last Breath”. On the track, he raps, “I’m applying pressure, I see why she prеssed / When she with me she GloRilla, FNF.”

Despite its success, the “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” release was not free from drama. GloRilla faced some pretty serious legal problems with the song’s producer. Hitkidd criticized GloRilla on Twitter. He claimed that the Memphis rapper and her team attempted to gain total ownership of the track. “So basically these folks are trying to take me to court over ‘FNF’ because they want to OWN the song,” he wrote. He went on to say that he tried to help GloRilla by giving her advice, but she didn’t listen. “I told you… everyday that we was in LA… that labels are going to try to sign you because of FNF so watch out,” he continued. “I also told you to let me know when labels reach out so we can be on the same page.” Regardless, GloRilla’s life changed for the better after the release. Now, very much in line with the lyrics of "F.N.F. (Let's Go)," GloRilla is criticizing those who believe in marriage.

GloRilla Is Not A Long-Term Type Of Girl

In a now-deleted tweet, GloRilla criticized people who still believe in marriage. However, before the tweet was deleted, The Shade Room managed to screenshot it, as shown above. "So y'all believe in marriage in this generation?? I just couldn't myself fw one n*gga for too long," the rapper said. "N*ggas start n*gga-ing after da first 6 months & baby Ima start n*gga-ing right along with a n*gga." It's an interesting take, but it seemed to rub some the wrong way. Many in the comments on The Shade Room's post disagreed with GloRilla's sentiment.

"I will get married. I will be HAPPILY married. In love," said one comment. "Fuck what y’all talkin bout." Many seemed to agree with the user's comment, as it has garnered 1,520 likes as of the writing of this article. "Thats because you haven’t been IN LOVE sweetheart," another user commented. "I used to think the same that I will get tired of being with the same person until I finally fell in love and married my husband." What do you think of GloRilla's views on marriage? Let us know in the comments below!

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