Xzibit Shrugs Off Dr. Dre’s “Abusive” Perfectionism

The rapper didn’t mind recording the same line for hours if it meant getting the right take.

BYNoah Grant
Xzibit Shrugs Off Dr. Dre’s “Abusive” Perfectionism

Xzibit doesn't mind dealing with perfectionists, at least not if the perfectionist is Dr. Dre. In a new interview with Big Boy's Neighborhood, the rapper reminisced about the recording of his album Man vs. Machine. At the time, there was an incident where Dr. Dre made him re-record a single line approximately 500 times. Xzibit revealed that this particular incident occurred while he and Dre, representing the West Coast, were working on the track "Multiply." The song eventually became a single in 2002 featuring the late Nate Dogg.

"That took me about two-three hours to get that line,” Xzibit said, speaking about his intro. “Because he wanted me to sound like a down-south preacher… ‘I been this way and I can’t stop.’ No. I couldn’t understand why or where he was trying to take me but I wasn’t fighting. He sat there patiently with me like, ‘Nope, try it again.’" Even though it sounds like Dr. Dre ran a pretty tight ship, sometimes that's the way greatness is born. “I was expecting to keep it going," Xzibit continued, "and when he said, ‘Play that back.’ Hold on, I think we got something."

Xzibit And Dr. Dre Are Working On New Music

According to Xzibit, he and Dr. Dre continue to collaborate to this day as he gears up for an upcoming album. He assures that this album will showcase some of his most exceptional work yet, but he also hints that it might potentially be his final solo project. “We’re going through it and finetuning the records for my new album and Dre’s involved,” the rapper said. “He has this thing with my voice and it’s funny he says, ‘You start in fifth gear. When you come on, you come on like a chainsaw.’" Xzibit's new album has been teased for a while. The title, King Maker, has been common knowledge for quite some time.

“The songs are coming out really dope and I’m feeling really good about the project. It’s a different scenario when you could record because you want to not because you have to… I feel like this is my last album that I’m gonna put together as Xzibit the solo artist.” What do you think of the new stories coming out from Xzibit? Are you excited to hear what he and Dr. Dre have been working on? Let us know in the comments!

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