Shy Glizzy Allegedly Threatened To Kill His Ex-Girlfriend

Shy Glizzy's ex now has a restraining order against the rapper.

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Model Amaya Colon, ex-girlfriend of D.C. rapper Shy Glizzy, has made some serious claims about his behavior in her request for a restraining order. Colon alleges that Glizzy has been making threats against her and her family ever since their breakup. She told the judge Glizzy threatened to kill her, sending her a text saying, "Ima f*** ya life up." According to Colon, the two of them started dating at the end of last year. She cites Glizzy's "anger issues" as the reason for their April split. In court documents, Colon alleges that Glizzy followed her while she was driving in Los Angeles. She claims that after stopping at a red light, Glizzy approached her and began to bang on her car with a gun. After driving away, she says Glizzy continued following her, trying to run her off the road, and causing a collision.

He was arrested only weeks after their breakup for allegedly threatening the model. The arrest took place on May 13, when Colon claims Glizzy pulled a gun and made threats towards her on a public street in West Hollywood. The rapper reportedly "took off" after the incident, and police were able to track him down later that day. He was arrested on a felony charge of making criminal threats, and released after four hours on a bond of $50,000. Glizzy denied the charges, and police did not find a gun on him during the arrest. A video of the rapper's detainment appeared online shortly after the incident. The video shows police surrounding Glizzy and his manager at gunpoint.

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Shy Glizzy's Arrest

Shy Glizzy claimed that he's innocent of all accusations made against him earlier this week on Instagram. He shared an Instagram Story where he says, "The accusations made against me are completely false." He went on to claim, “I would never in my life pull a weapon or harm a female in any way so stop with the BS allegations!" The rapper then asked, "What is wrong with ppl?”

Earlier this year, OnlyFans creator Sky Bri appeared in an interview with No Jumper, where she accused Shy Glizzy of sexual misconduct. She claimed that during a music video shoot, Glizzy made her take an unknown pill. She also accused him of trying to force her to perform oral sex on him. His associate, Ant Glizzy, later responded to Bri's claims in an Instagram Live. He said, "I told y’all he spikes [women's drinks].” Adding, "He been doing this shit for 15 years on GQ. Like, any girl that ever drunk with the Glizzy Gang at a club or at a table, you was extra drunk. All you gotta do is ask him.”

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