Britney Spears Dances Her Troubles Away Amid Worrying Reports

The pop icon has no time for drama.

BYNoah Grant
Britney Spears Dances Her Troubles Away Amid Worrying Reports

Britney Spears is dancing away the drama again. The pop icon recently regained her freedom from a 13-year conservatorship, and she has been somewhat absent from the industry ever since. However, the singer said she remains committed to recording music. “She has talked about recording again and has gotten plenty of offers, some of which she’s turned down," said a source close to Britney. "But it’s all about timing and picking the right projects.” Touring, however, might be a different story, as she says she experienced trauma from touring. However, that is not the only thing that she experiences trauma from.

Several troubling reports have come out of celebrity gossip sites like TMZ, who reported that Britney allegedly has a "fascination" with knives. The icon reportedly sleeps with one under her bed in case her family tries to have her involuntarily committed again. The information was revealed in a new documentary produced by TMZ. Despite the ongoing media attention and troubling reports, the pop star appears wholly unaffected. On the same day the new documentary aired, she shared a revealing Instagram video. In the video, Spears can be seen wearing a tiny red bikini and knee-high black leather boots, energetically dancing and gyrating around. She later changed into pink lace bottoms and a matching crop top, showcasing her dance moves and flowing blonde hair.

Britney And Sam's Marriage Is Allegedly On The Rocks

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center on November 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. <br>(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

Apparently, Britney Spears' marriage is also in trouble. TMZ cites numerous “reliable insiders” that say the union is on the rocks. According to them, Britney Spears’ relationship with her husband, Sam Asghari, is experiencing significant difficulties. Reports suggest that physical altercations between Britney and Sam have occurred. These have been accompanied by frequent intense arguments. The situation has allegedly escalated to the point where security personnel have had to intervene. It is worth noting, however, that TMZ has produced a documentary that was broadcast around the time of these reports. The piece delved into Britney’s life after the conservatorship. As such, it makes sense that these headlines would be making the rounds.

Sam Asghari took to social media to refute the reports coming out of TMZ and other gossip sites. In anticipation of the TV special, Sam strongly criticized the program as “disgusting.” In a video shared on his Instagram Sunday night, Sam expressed his dismay. He called out the individuals who were part of Britney’s life when she lacked a voice, as they proceed to narrate her story as if it were their own. “All of a sudden — after 15 years when she’s free after all those gaslighting,” Sam said. “All those things that went down — now you’re going to put her under a microscope and tell her story?” What do you think of the latest reports on Britney? Let us know in the comments!


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